WPS Team

The WPS family has grown to over 100 employees since 1948. Here's your chance to learn more about a few who strive to provide you with all the tools you need to Unlock Potential.

>Jeff Manson
Jeff Manson
President & CEO
>David Herzberg
David Herzberg
Chief Operating Officer
>Niki Jankow
Niki Jankow
Vice President of Accounting and Finance
>Lisa Bouyer
Lisa Bouyer
Vice President of Enterprise Planning
>Amber Klein
Amber Klein
Vice President, Research and Development
>John Williams
John Williams
Senior Project Director, Research and Development
>Sheri Stegall
Sheri Stegall
Vice President, Research and Development
>Katie Jackson
Katie Jackson
Director of Research Operations
>Armen Bedrossian
Armen Bedrossian
Vice President of Engineering
>Matt Solomon
Matt Solomon
Vice President of Marketing
>Minh-Chau Do
Minh-Chau Do
Project Director
>Kristin Ferrell
Kristin Ferrell
Senior Project Director, Research and Development
>Rocco Cretacci
Rocco Cretacci
Director of Infrastructure, Cyber Security Officer
>Susan Weinberg
Susan Weinberg
Director of Rights and Permissions
>Fred Dinkins
Fred Dinkins
Manager, Rights and Permissions
>Sally Jones
Sally Jones
Art Director
>Laura Wallof
Laura Wallof
Senior Marketing Manager
>Jensen Ramos
Jensen Ramos
Fulfillment Manager
>Sharon Maloney
Sharon Maloney
Sales Support Manager
>Amanda Wynn
Amanda Wynn
Vice President of Sales
>Ann Rogers
Ann Rogers
Assessment Consultant, Sales
>Stephanie Roberts
Stephanie Roberts
Assessment Consultant, Sales
>Douglene Jackson
Douglene Jackson
Assessment Consultant, Sales
>Ashley Arnold
Ashley Arnold
Assessment Consultant, Sales
>Laura Stevenson
Laura Stevenson
Assessment Consultant, Sales
>Donna Berghauser
Donna Berghauser
Assessment Consultant
>Julie Simonetti
Julie Simonetti
Financial Planning & Analysis Director