Inside WPS

Inside WPS


Our Employee Culture

A successful company depends on a successful staff. A key strategy at WPS is the retention, morale, and productivity of high-quality employees. 

Company events bring co-workers together for karaoke nights, bowling outings, an annual picnic, and Halloween contests. There are also L.A. Dodgers baseball games, a (slightly less professional) WPS softball league, and fantasy football leagues. In addition we have fitness Fridays, bring kids to work days, office-chair yoga breaks, employee birthday and anniversary parties, and many other activities.

On a daily basis, we cut through the communication limits that hierarchies can impose. Our “open door” policy is just that -- every employee has access to all members of senior management at any time. Ideas and suggestions are highly valued.

Overall, the WPS culture is fun, caring, and aims for employee as well as company success. Each individual, in every position, is recognized for taking an important role on the team –- by completing tasks, contributing ideas, enjoying time spent building relationships with colleagues, and feeling proud of the work that is done.