WPS Copyrights and Permissions

Copyrights & Permissions


Standard Permissions

In general, a purchaser does not need permission to use WPS-proprietary test materials, with the following key provisions:

No reproduction, adaptation, or translation of the materials may be made for any purpose, in any format, electronic or otherwise, without the prior written permission of the copyright holder.

All materials must be purchased and used by, or under the direct supervision of, a qualified professional.

All materials must be used ethically and for the purposes and in the manner for which they are intended.

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Special Permissions Arrangements

We excel in creating what we think of as “special brews”: customized permission arrangements that we craft for qualified researchers or clinicians who are precluded from purchasing and using original published material as is. If you would like to request authorization, contact WPS Rights & Permissions at rights@wpspublish.com. We help qualified individuals and organizations arrange for authorized reprinting, adaptation, or use in translation of our copyrighted materials.


What Can WPS Rights & Permissions Do to Serve You?

Authorize Scholarly Discounts:

Every day we field and approve applications for Research, Educational, and Independent Trainingdiscounts on the regular price of WPS proprietary materials. Our direct and daily involvement with universities and other institutions of higher learning helps us keep professors and researchers informed as to when they need to request permission to use our materials.

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Offer Scholarly Permissions

WPS Rights & Permissions routinely handle requests related to reprints, adaptations, and translations of WPS proprietary materials in research and training. For example, a researcher may need to translate a test for use in a peer-reviewed scholarly study, adapt WPS materials for use with disabled students, or copy a table from a test manual to include in a textbook. Rights & Permissions works to provide any assistance needed in these situations and more.

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Provide Clinical and Commercial Licensing Arrangements

International test publishers, pharmaceutical companies, consultant groups, and other for-profit entities may have special reasons for needing to create modified versions of WPS materials. We work to accommodate these requests whenever we reasonably can. To begin a dialogue about the possibilities, please e-mail rights@wpspublish.com with a brief overview of your particular situation.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

If you don’t find the information that addresses your particular question for WPS Rights & Permissions, please don’t hesitate to e-mail us at rights@wpspublish.com. Go ahead, challenge us!

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