ADOS-2 Clinical Workshop
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Registration Cost
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ADOS-2 Clinical Workshop
WPS offers 2-day workshops that teach, through instruction and demonstration, how to use the ADOS-2 to assess and diagnose autism.
The Autism Diagnostic Observation Schedule, Second Edition (ADOS-2) improves an instrument already viewed as "the gold standard" for observational assessment of autism spectrum disorder (ASD). WPS offers 2-day workshops that teach you how to use the ADOS-2 to assess and diagnose autism. Experienced workshop leaders describe the ADOS-2 and demonstrate administration and scoring, operationalizing diagnostic criteria for ASD. You'll have the opportunity to practice scoring while observing an ADOS-2 administration. The workshop focuses primarily on Modules 1 through 4. Attendees are given materials to study later in order to complete training in the Toddler Module. This workshop is for professionals unfamiliar with the ADOS-2. Clinicians already trained in the ADOS can update their skills by reviewing the ADOS-2 Manual and completing the ADOS-2 Training Video Program Upgrade (LMS-606).
Learning Objectives
After completing this workshop, you will be able to:


  • Distinguish the key features of the ADOS-2 approach, including the rationale for the approach and how it enhances autism assessment
  • Clarify use of the ADOS-2 for operationalizing diagnostic criteria for autism spectrum disorders
  • Differentiate how to select the most appropriate ADOS-2 module
  • Distinguish administration procedures for the ADOS-2
  • Demonstrate a basic understanding of how to apply ADOS-2 codes
  • Demonstrate a basic understanding of how to score ADOS-2 algorithms
  • Interpret the basic psychometric support for the ADOS-2
  • Examine issues in the clinical application of ADOS-2 results
Educational Level




These workshops are designed for both clinicians and researchers. For clinicians with a prior background in autism and formal testing, this 2-day workshop is sufficient to support use of the ADOS-2 to inform the diagnosis of autism and autism spectrum disorders. Physicians, psychologists, occupational therapists, and speech-language pathologists will be better prepared to make educational placement decisions and evaluate programs after completing the workshop. Individuals with less background in testing but who provide service for individuals and families affected by autism may take the workshop for informational purposes. For researchers, this workshop is prerequisite to more thorough training offered by the ADOS-2 authors and designed to achieve the high cross-site inter-rater reliability required in published research.


Each WPS ADOS-2 Clinical Workshop is taught by ADOS-2 Independent Trainers. These trainers have completed the initial clinical and research trainings, established reliability on the instrument, and completed additional training with the authors and/or their colleagues. Course evaluations by workshop participants routinely indicate that WPS ADOS-2 instructors receive high praise for their content knowledge and presentation skills.

Please contact WPS for details about the specific instructor who will be teaching the course in which you plan to enroll. In the case of unforeseen circumstances, WPS reserves the right to change instructors without prior notice.


WPS is the publisher of the ADOS-2 and the CE provider for the WPS ADOS-2 Clinical Workshop. Each ADOS-2 workshop instructor receives an honorarium from WPS (and travel reimbursement, if applicable) for teaching the training course. Instructors who are also authors of ADOS-2 materials may additionally receive royalties for the sale of the ADOS-2. Instructors are required to disclose such information in advance of the workshop.

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