Shipping & handling


Shipping and Handling Charges: There is a ten percent (10%) charge (minimum $5.00) made for shipping and handling for all regular shipments within the United States. Please note that this charge includes both shipping and handling and is not directly related to actual freight, shipping, or postage costs. It is based upon our cost of delivering your order plus processing costs.Shipments to Canada will be charged twenty percent (20%) for shipping and handling (minimum $10.00). Most shipments outside the United States and Canada will be charged twenty-five percent (25%), minimum $25.00; some locations will require shipping fees in excess of 25%. Orders that request special shipping will be charged accordingly. Shipping rates for ADOS-2 Kits may exceed these amounts. For a quote, please call 844.378.4918 or email Note: For most CDs, there is no shipping and handling charge within the United States(check product list for “Free U.S. Shipping”).