Benefits Program

Benefits Program


At WPS we strive to create an exceptional work environment that supports our staff both professionally and personally. Generous benefits help us hire and retain solid, hard-working employees, build positive relationships within our organization, and promote good work habits and an optimistic company culture.

Employee Health Insurance

WPS is a proud member of the Printing Industries Benefit Trust (PIBT), which ensures that our employees receive a variety of great health care options, including both HMO and PPO plans. In addition, WPS offers dental coverage, vision plans, life insurance, and mental health services. In the future, we hope to add a Pre-Tax/Flex Spending Plan for all eligible employees.

Paid Time Off (PTO)

At WPS, we understand the importance of a healthy, satisfying personal life and the need to balance work with relaxation. To create a more positive work environment and honor the company’s Core Values, WPS offers each employee paid time off, which increases with tenure. During their first year, employees receive 2 weeks of PTO; in years 2 through 5, they receive 3 weeks annually; thereafter they earn 4 weeks off per year. PTO days can be used not just for illness or injury, but also for rest, rejuvenation, travel, and personal needs.

Retirement Plans

At WPS, we want our employees to enjoy financial security in retirement. Accordingly, we offer both 401(k) plans and Roth IRAs. Because we believe in rewarding loyal employees who make a career at WPS, we also have a defined-contribution pension plan, with self-directed accounts for each participant. Employees can choose investment options from a variety of mutual funds and modify these choices as conditions or needs change. Every year, WPS contributes to each employee’s account an amount equal to 10% of his or her salary.