Western Psychological Services (WPS) story began in 1948.

Our Story


Western Psychological Services (WPS) was established in 1948 in a little pink house in Los Angeles, California, not far from the local VA hospital. Dr. Morse Manson, the company founder, developed a psychological test that would help World War II veterans adjust when returning to civilian life. This was the first of many psychological and educational assessments that WPS would publish over subsequent decades. With the help of his wife Kate and son Ira, Morse embarked on a journey to help people in need by providing high-quality assessment tools to colleagues in education and psychology.

Sixty-five years later, WPS assessments are being used internationally by professionals to evaluate, diagnose, and treat people in need—especially children and teens who have developmental, social, or behavioral challenges.

In summary, WPS is a stable, successful family-owned company, engaged in fulfilling work.


Our Latest Chapter

The second part of our story starts with Jeff Manson, grandson of the founder (and now President and CEO of WPS), who's making a big investment in the company's future. He has given the company a wonderful home in Torrance, California—a modern, open, inviting space that allows us to work more efficiently. And he has introduced a transformative company culture that encourages innovation, creativity, transparency, and collaboration. These changes are motivated by a belief that happy, empowered, and acknowledged employees better serve the professionals who rely on WPS assessments.

So, here in our new headquarters, with new spirit and optimism, we continue the journey that began in 1948, in the little pink house near the VA hospital.