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Scholarly Discount Programs

To apply for any of our scholarly discount programs, please fill out the appropriate application below and send it to the indicated email. Applications may also be faxed to 424.201.6950.

WPS Research Discount

On a pre-approved, project-by-project basis, WPS extends a discount to qualified investigators who are conducting scientific study as part of a peer-reviewed, time-stamped, funded scholarly project. The WPS Research Discount is generally 20% off WPS proprietary materials, and 50% off per-use computerized components.

WPS Educational Discount

WPS extends the Educational Discount to qualified scholarly programs. This discount applies to WPS test materials needed for use as course curricula within a graduate class or other formalized, higher learning program where students receive training in the proper administration/use of the material. The WPS Educational Discount is generally 50% off WPS proprietary materials, and 20% off unlimited use computerized components and manipulative-intensive test kits, such as the Autism Diagnostic Observation Schedule, Second Edition (ADOS-2) and Sensory Integration and Praxis Test (SIPT).

WPS Workshop Trainer Discount

WPS extends this discount to qualified trainers for acquisition of WPS-proprietary test materials required for instruction as part of a WPS-independent training workshop (in-person clinical or research). In the case of ADI-R and/or ADOS-2 trainers, the individual serving as instructor must be demonstrated as trained to the authors’ standards. The WPS Workshop Trainer Discount is generally 50% off consumable, traditional-print test materials, and 10% off 10 or more manuals on a single order to a single destination. A 20% discount on one ADOS-2 Kit or ADOS-2 Upgrade Kit can be offered in situations where it is impractical for the trainer to bring his or her own kit to the training.