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Welcome to WPS Technical Support! Here you will find lots of information that can help you quickly resolve a technical problem on your own. Discover technical documentation, manuals, and FAQs. You will also find software drivers for some WPS desktop software titles. Some very informative instructional videos below will help guide you through some basic tasks of our software and our Online Evaluation System.


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Downloads & Technical Documentation

Here you will find software and documentation for our most popular products.

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WPS Online Evaluation System Help
ABAS-3 Intervention Planner

How to use the ABAS-3 Intervention Planner on the Online Evaluation System. Once you have your initial score report for the ABAS-3 you can then produce additional reporting.

Add Users to Organization

How does an organization manager add additional users to their organization on the Online Evaluation System.

Change Login Email Address

How to update your email address, password, or contact information for your account on the Online Evaluation System.

Create SPM Quick Tips Report

How to use SPM/SPM-P Quick Tips reporting on the Online Evaluation System.

Email an Assessment Form

How to add a form and email it for completion on the Online Evaluation System.

Organization Manager Functions

How to edit permissions, deactivate, or remove existing users form the account on the Online Evaluation System.

Printing a Form

How to print a blank form for an assessment on the Online Evaluation System.

Remove Client Data from Assessment

How to remove client data from the Online Evaluation System.

Uncomplete a Scored Form

How to Uncomplete a scored form to edit the responses on the Online Evaluation System.

Verify License Inventory

How to verify your inventory on the Online Evaluation System.

WPS Software Help & Drivers
ABAS-3 Desktop Software Update

How to update your ABAS-3 desktop software to version 1.011.

AZ Rockey-4 Device Drivers Update

- Instructions on how to update/install the AZ-4 Rockey-4 Device Drivers (Windows 10)

WPS Software Error - IBFS32.DLL Missing Error Message

How to resolve an issue when you are receiving an IBFS32.DLL missing error message with WPS Software.

WPS Website Help
Access WPS Sample Materials

How to access WPS Sample Materials on the WPS Website

Edit Contact Information on the WPS Website

How to edit/update your contact information on the WPS Website.

Shipley-2 Calculator

How to access the WPS Shipley-2 Calculator on the WPS Website.

Add/Delete Credit Card Information on the WPS Website

How to add/delete your credit card information for your WPS Account on the WPS Website.

Security and Compliance Standards
Cloud Security & Compliance Standards

How Security is built in throughout the WPS e-commerce website and the Online Evaluation System.

Popular Technical FAQs

What is required for someone to become competent in using the ADOS-2?

If you are an ADOS-2 user who has not previously been trained in the ADOS, you should do the following to obtain essential competence in the ADOS-2:

Make sure you have prior education, training, and experience that includes extensive exposure to autism spectrum disorders. Study the ADOS-2 Manual read more.

The registration page cannot verify my physical address. What should I do?

First, check that the address you are entering is correct. If you continue to have problems with the registration process, please contact WPS Technical Support by calling 800.648.8857 or 424.201.8800 or emailing

Does WPS scoring software work on Mac computers or iPads?

No. However, the WPS Online Evaluation System can be accessed using Mac computers and iPads. For a list of products available on the WPS Online Evaluation System, please visit

How do I access the WPS Online Evaluation System?

Go to Please note that all products used on the WPS Online Evaluation System must be purchased at

Technical Support Videos

Check out these video tutorials from the experts of WPS's Software and Online Evaluation System!

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